Delicious Ideas For Your Next Honey-Based Breakfast:



Honey, the sweet substance produced by honey bees, is delicious and super easy to incorporate into some of your favorite breakfast meals. Here are some ideas to get your mind flowing if you were unable to justify why you may want some honey in your pantry. 

  1. Smoothie Bowls 

Whether you’re blending up your own fruits and supplying your own toppings, or purchasing an already made bowl from a grocery store, honey is an excellent addition if you’re looking for some subtle sweetness on top. Find an easy recipe here. 

  1. Overnight Oats 

These ready-to-eat breakfasts are honey's best friend. After a long night of anticipating breakfast in the AM, whip out that honey and drizzle some over the top. This little bit of sticky sweetness is a perfect topping that will keep your breakfast lowkey but amazing. Find a simple recipe for chocolate chip overnight oats here. 

  1. Pancakes 

Used to syrup, and want to try something different? Go for the switch up and drizzle some honey over your favorite pancakes. I love making pancakes from scratch, but a boxed mix is perfectly fine for this idea! Find a recipe for pancakes here. 

Overall, honey is delicious. Click the link below to purchase some from a local, Staten Island business (and some other products if you’d like, too). This honey will be a perfect addition to your breakfast and will definitely have you incorporating it into so many of your meals!