Famous Cartoon Bees

Not only do you see bees buzzing all over in your daily life, they’re pretty popular in cartoons, too! Even though you may be scared of them, people do a great job of depicting the bees as cute insects in film and TV. 

An extremely popular bee that we all know and love is “Barry B. Benson” from the Bee Movie. This lovable honey bee believes he is more than just working and does everything in his power to live a successful life. This sweet take on the honey bee is such an enjoyable watch if you haven’t seen it already. 

Another well-known bee is “Buzz”, the Honey Nut Cheerios bee! This bee carries around honey while promoting some delicious cereal. How sweet is that! 

Honey bees are commonly used in cartoons, whether you realize it or not. By clicking the link below, you can get to shopping for some local, Staten Island honey. These cartoon bees may only make cartoon honey, but the real honey bees are working for all your real honey needs!