Grass-Fed Cows vs. Non Grass-Fed Cows

When consumers first purchase their milk, a question that should come about is whether or not the product is made from grass-fed or non grass-fed cows. Believe it or not, the difference in a cow’s diet does have an affect on the product and what consists of it, which can change the quality of the dairy. When it comes to our local New York City company, we only feed our cows a grass-fed diet and are free-ranged, which allows our consumers to enjoy the most organic dairy possible.


 Now, you may be questioning yourself as to what is the difference between the two. First and foremost, grass-fed cows equate to the production of organic dairy. With this in mind, the milk that is produced from cows gives off the best nutritional facts in terms of being healthy; having high omega 3’s, extra vitamins, and so on.


In regards to non grass-fed cows, their diet can consist of foods varying from grains, corn, soy, and so forth. Unfortunately, giving cows these multiple options as a source of food easily allows farmers to add toxins such as steroids and other additives. Yes, these supplements do increase speed and growth of the cows, but it can have a negative impact towards one’s health in terms of nutrition intake.


 That is why at Udderly Delicious NYC, we make the promise to our customers that our free-range cows are grass fed. Let us provide you with our organic milk and other consumer goods at:


-Blog written by Dominique Faiella