Honey: What It Is and How It's Made


Honey comes from: you guessed it, the Honey Bees. This sticky yet sweet substance is ripened nectar that can be harvested and consumed by buyers. The bees collect pollen and nectar from flowering plants that they choose to pollinate from and it winds up back in the hive for the worker bees to start the honey-producing process. 


The worker bees provide the honey with enzymes that cause the ripening. Being that honey is made strictly from nature, there are no added sugars to this product. The liquid is much thinner than the honey we’re used to upon arrival into the honeycomb. The bees fan the filled honeycombs with their wings in order to get the most water evaporated as possible from the original liquid. After this process, the bee seals the comb with a secretion from its abdomen that hardens into beeswax, protecting the honey. 


To purchase some local, Staten Island honey, click the link below! Support the bees and a local business!