How Cows Produce Milk

Have you ever wondered how the milk you know and love is produced? While you may already know it comes from cows, how about exactly how this milk is made? 

Cows eat grass, and once they do, the nutrients within this meal are absorbed into the cow’s bloodstream before reaching the intestines. After these nutrients make it around the cow, the remaining ones are sent to the mammary gland, more commonly known as the udder. This gland has special cells, called epithelial cells, that are able to use water and nutrients to produce milk. There is a special artery on a cow’s stomach to ensure that enough blood is sent to the udder in order to produce this milk. 

Only female cows are able to undergo this process. Additionally, cow’s can produce anywhere from thirty to around eighty pounds of milk everyday. By shopping at the link below, you can have your own taste of some local, Staten Island milk and dairy. These farm-fresh products are bound to make you come back for more. Don’t wait, shop now!