Keeping the Bees Buzzing

Are you a bee fan? A honey fan? Even someone who wants to do something kind? Honey bees are at risk, and we’re the people who can help. Whether you’re a beekeeper or even someone afraid of them, everyone can help take part in saving the bees. Here are some ways to do so: 

  1. Create a bee bath! 

While out on the job, the bees sure do work up a sweat and some thirst. By filling a shallow bird bath with water, placing pebbles to break the water’s surface, you’re creating the perfect opportunity for a bee to come buzzing along and land on one of the pebbles for a refreshing break. 

  1. Plant a bee garden! 

Whether it’s in your own yard, or you get in contact with local organizations to find your opportunity to get involved, bee gardens don’t require much space and with it you’re providing the bees with food sources and a place to build homes. One of the largest threats to the bee community is their lack of somewhere safe to “bee” themselves. 

  1. Support the local beekeepers! 

Just by locally shopping for honey, you’re doing the bees a favor! I know you like when your hard work is recognized, so let’s do the same for the bees. On Staten Island, you can shop locally by clicking the link below. In this link you will find various honeys, CBD products, and more. 

Don’t be afraid, help save the bees!