Let’s Talk Calcium!

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Let’s Talk Calcium!


                Many of us are aware that milk includes some of the good daily nutrition we need for our bodies to stay healthy.  But along with the many benefits milk provides, calcium’s main source derives straight from it!

 Calcium - Energy Education

                Calcium maintains one’s body muscles and keeps them in good shape. But it doesn’t just support bones, it also may protect against the many possible diagnostics people can obtain throughout life such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

 Calcium rich foods| All you need to know, including dairy-free sources

        If you aren’t picky about what kind of milk you drink, whether it be fat free or whole milk, don’t worry! Almost all types of milk contain a large amount of calcium in it, for the exceptions of almond and soy milk for ones who are dairy-free. If you believe you lack calcium in your diet, then Udderly Delicious can help you with the wide array of milk we provide! Located in New York, our local, low-pasteurized milk can be a good diet choice to add to your daily meals.


  • Blog written by Dominique Faiella