Matcha: The New Craze

Love coffee and tea products, but maybe want to try something new? A personal favorite of mine is matcha; finely ground powder of green tea leaves. These leaves are specially grown and processed; and usually shade-grown for 3-4 weeks, with the stems and veins removed before processing. 

Matcha is a delicious drink with a high caffeine level (so be careful and drink in moderation) due to its high concentration levels, and it also, well, essentially being green tea. 

It’s delicious with multiple pairings, including taking the citrus route or going down the sweet vanilla way. Both are delicious combos that could be applied in either a refreshing lemonade or a sweet vanilla matcha latte. 

Enjoying matcha with milk is a great way to enhance the flavor. Using the link below, you could get to shopping for some local, fresh, Staten Island milk. Whether it’s plain in a glass or accompanying some delicious matcha, this milk is worth your while. Get to shopping, you won’t regret it!