Relationships In The Beehive

Honey bees in their colony work together in a way that may as well have us consider a beehive as a single organism. Even though each individual bee plays an important role, the bees’ process of forming bonds and working together helps the colony thrive as one community. 

Bee reproduction is very different from us. Birth and death are basically what the hive depends on; to the point where a colony may split up if their reproduction rates are high enough to thrive in another location. These unique interactions are what make a bee colony so interesting to follow. 

The roles in the hive (drones, workers, or the queen), are determined by gender. While all male bees are drones, a female bee is a worker bee or has the potential to be the queen. Chances are very high to be a worker bee, considering there are thousands of female bees in a singular colony, and only one can take the spot as the queen. 

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