Ways To “Up” Your Style At Your Next Rave

As the spring season rolls in, I’m sure you’ve started to brainstorm your next rave outfit. When the weather changes, so does the wardrobe. Here are some ways to amp up your next look and stand out. 

  1. Glitter 

Whether it’s on your clothes, incorporated into your makeup, or even as a spray/ gel on your body, any colored glitter to match with your look is a perfect way to shine so bright and look amazing under the lights. 

      2. Patterns 

When it comes to standing out, picking a pattern that will have people turning heads is a great way to show off your personality. Some ideas include flames, floral, groovy, or even animal prints. Let your true self come through in your next look by picking a pattern that really speaks to you. 

      3. Material 

Want something that will have people wishing they had your outfit? Go for something that is a different material than what’s expected. This being said, reach for a metallic moment, or even a mesh. Pair a set with a pair of fishnet stockings. Get different! Unique is awesome, and don’t be afraid to show it. 

       4. Accessories

These are a personal favorite of mine because the perfect look always comes down to the small details. The sunglasses, the jewelry, hats, the bag, you name it. Get funky! Accessories are probably the easiest way to add some personality to your outfit. If you’re not willing to step that far out of your comfort zone, accessories will still have you covered. 

       5. Hair 

Expressing yourself through your hair has been so “in” for years. Want something new? Your next music festival is the perfect excuse to try it out. It doesn’t even need to be permanent, but maybe you’ve wanted some pink in your hair. Aside from coloring, venturing out to new styles is what the EDM lifestyle is all about! Be yourself through your hair, it’s fun! 

To enhance your EDM experience even more, click the link below to shop for some products. They’re bound to add something a little extra to your next rave or festival. Always remember to make sure you’re comfortable when stepping out of your comfort zone. Happy shopping!