What Flowers Attract Honeybees the Most?

Honey bees are such significant pollinators in our world, and nature depends on them to thrive. Honey bees use both wild flowers to pollinate, but also appreciate bee gardens; a group of planted flowers that attract the honey bees and can be created by humans to enable a quicker process. 

Some of the flowers that honey bees are most drawn to include, Bee Balm, White Wild Indigo, Purple Coneflower, Black-Eyed Susan, etc. Even without room for a beehive, planting flowers like these is such a beneficial step in creating a safe space for the honey bees. 

The bees pollinating, while humans appreciate it so much, is just another way of saying that they’re hungry! Honey bees have a balanced diet just like we do. In a flower, the pollen will provide them with their proteins and fats, and the nectar will provide carbohydrates! 

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