What Were the Bees Up To This Winter?

During the colder months, the bees aren’t a big fan of the weather. Spring is more their style; with all the flowers for pollination, the plants being more likely to grow, and the nicer overall weather. Buzzing around isn’t their speed in the winter, so what are the bees really up to in a month like this? 

The bees in a colony will do whatever it takes to protect their queen throughout the cold months. They cluster around her to keep the temperature up and create almost a ball of heat around her. By shivering and flapping their wings, the bees are able to keep the cluster's center (the queen) nice and hot at a temperature around 96 degrees! 

The bees will take turns rotating from the outside to the center and vice versa in order to take breaks and get a chance to be warm. The colder it gets outside, the tighter the cluster becomes. Staying warm is the main priority besides keeping the queen safe! 

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