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Cottage Cheese

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Thank you for choosing udderly delicious nyc.

We delivery fresh glass bottled milk straight to your door. No waiting online or wasting time heading to the store. We carry a wide selection of farm fresh products including local raw honey, meat and food items.

Our products are farm fresh, natural and delicious.

-You can easily create an account in a few simple steps.

-once account is created, pick and choose which items you would like to bee delivered.

-choose if you want the items delivered once a month, twice a month and so on.

-you can easily go into your account and add/delete items to your order or add items just for a 1 week delivery.

-we deliver as of now Mondays and Wednesday's.

-we usually start out deliveries 6-7pm and finish off the following day by 9am

-if you choose to add/subtract items, please do so before your charge card day. For example if your credit/debit card gets charged on Saturday night. Please do all changes before that.

-thank you for choosing udderly delicious nyc, we are a family run beezness which is owned by my wife (Ashley) and I (Igor) and we truly appreciate your support.